24.Sep.2015 Quirky Shorts, Essays of Absurdist Humor by British Author, Stephen Philip Druce, on Web-e-Books®

25 Wildly Ridiculous Shorts of Nonsensical Verse and Foolish Comedy

Quirky Shorts, newly released absurdist humor by British writer Stephen Philip Druce, is being published as a digital trade edition on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution of enduring contemporary and classic literature. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher of the e-book, is providing comprehensive editorial services, e-book technology, and website distribution for Quirky Shorts.

Quirky Shorts, now on   Web-e-Books.com

Quirky Shorts, now on Web-e-Books.com

In The Essays

The seriousness of human life is turned on its head through the arbitrary spectacle of absurdist humor – a man marrying his tent, a woman finding donkey dentures in her salad, and a dead rhino blocking a hotel reception desk. These incidents and more complete the unrestrained comedic experience of irrational yet charming essays.

Web-e-Books ® Availability

Quirky Shorts is viewable in Web-e-Books® genuine format available from The Tri-Screen Connection, and is compatible with virtually all Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone, or similarly equipped devices running Apple, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems and dozens of HTML5 compatible browsers.


The Tri-Screen Connection represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content distribution for authors and publishers. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for exclusive contemporary and select classic literature that provides reflective insight to a wide range of human social experiences.

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