20.Jun.2016 No Room of the Ark, by American Novelist & Poet Paul Bellerive Released on Web-e-Books®

War Veteran Experiences Trauma of Personal Extinction upon Re-entry to Society

MANCHESTER, NH. USA – No Room on the Ark, a fictionalized memoir by Paul Bellerive, is

No Room on the Ark, 1st Edition, now on web-e-books.com

No Room on the Ark, 1st Edition, now on web-e-books.com

being released on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution of his personalized story on late 1960’s era youth, military, warfare, civil disorder, and long separation from home and loved ones. From the perspective of emotional stress, his reflections necessitate increasing scrutiny of extended deployments relative to the physical and mental welfare of enlistees. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for No Room on the Ark.

In No Room on the Ark, author Paul Bellerive relives actual experiences through the fictionalized character of Rod Finch, an Army paratrooper assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade while in Vietnam. Though Finch’s friends question him on why he would voluntarily enlist while the war was being ridiculed, his personal integrity and allegiance encourage following the footsteps of others who have served their country. Finch and his girlfriend Lauren equitably accept that it is his time to go. Here, the author describes Finch’s judgement in traditionalistic values:

“Finch believed in the goodness of America. Since the sixth grade he had devoured books about World War II….He associated the cold war with World War II and saw it as his burden and his opportunity to live up to the standards of those who had defeated Hitler and destroyed Japan….Finch had absorbed it all and he doubted that any country noble enough to do what had to be done during that global conflict could be on the wrong side in a war just twenty years later.”

In the story, we find that Finch soon transforms from regular high school kid to combat warrior when assigned to a remote mountain area in South Vietnam. Though little time is spent in real jungle warfare training before advancing to danger zones, Finch learns survival under the tutelage of a seasoned, good-natured soldier.

Tasked with capturing and routing villages of small, but well-trained bands of Viet Cong from the North, Finch is quickly entangled in a calamitous mission; one that’s seriously impaired by cocky officers and racially divided troops that show little willingness to co-exist, even when terrorized by an assailing enemy.

Two years later, and with luck on his side, Rod Finch comes back to New England, landing at the entrance of his homeland but unwelcomed in a society teeming with anti-war protestors, radical politicians, and a public displaying observable contempt for soldiers in military uniform. People not only want to forget the war, they outwardly ostracize those who’ve been fighting it. At this stark societal crossroad, Finch feels out of place. Moreover, he must deal with his former girlfriend who has moved on to college, and employers hostile to hiring Vietnam veterans.

Though home at last, Finch cannot climb aboard the America he fought for, so he involuntarily retreats. Still, the emotional suffering continues from extended dislocation and constant, lustful remembrances of Lauren. Inspired by the gravity of his growing anger and despair, he embarks on a passage to lasting salvation.

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