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Web-e-Talk is our place for friends in the book community to gather and discover what’s new on the shelves at Web-e-Books® and find out what’s fresh on your mind as an author, publisher or reader. Our hope is that the insight we offer here throughout our blog’s pages will provoke some good interaction, so please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, start discussions and share your favorite links with us.

Web-e-Books.com was developed to be an exciting and innovative new web-based eBook application and full service digital publishing company. The Web-e-Talk blog is offered to support the ongoing conversation about publishing great eBooks. We believe a great way to get involved is to spark some discussion ourselves, here on Web-e-Talk.com, with an emphasis on taking you behind the scenes of our own endeavors to become an informative partner in the digital publishing industry.

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~ Tom Preti, Content & Design Director


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