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Insight from the Web-e-Books® Team;  An Introduction…

Twentieth century American author, Richard M. Baker Jr., penned a robust collection of hard-hitting manuscripts in the 1950s and 1960s, but his connection to the literary world is actually becoming strongest today, in 2011, thanks to some dedicated fans of his work and a little help from a thing called the worldwide web.

Mr. Baker’s dedication to great writing stands as one of the main inspirations driving the Web-e-Books team’s hard work to provide a high quality online platform for authors and publishers looking for digital publishing solutions that are just as strong as the books they’re looking to further promote. Though seemingly unrelated at first, we in fact owe a great deal to Mr. Baker, for it is his story that has, in many ways, guided us along our course of action.

Mr. Baker wrote with an unforgiving style and message for the 1950s and 60s. His bold attention to true realism was ahead of his time to the point where the vast majority of his work was considered too realistic, and often controversial, for major publishers to risk on their audiences. His determination to take fiction to the next level was never compromised, and thus only one of his manuscripts was published in the 1960s, an exciting Pacific War story of survival against the odds named The Revolt of Zengo Takakuwa (now available in eBook form at as Zengo’s Revolt). This left eleven other works, all immensely important to their author, ultimately shelved in a closet and untouched for more than four decades.

Powerful stories, like Mr. Baker’s, do not go unnoticed by people who know that great authors, past and present, will always matter and deserve to be heard. The Web-e-Books team saw the value and importance of bringing Mr. Baker’s story full circle and took on the goal of introducing, to the public, all twelve works by Richard M. Baker Jr., a collection among which includes his most personally prized achievement, his unseen masterwork, The Kempei, an intensely realistic and heartrending portrayal of the brutal 1930s invasion and occupation of Manchuria by Imperial Japanese forces; the mostly forgotten precursor to the pacific front of World War II and an act of aggression that can perhaps be best closely compared to the infamy of Nazi Germany, but, by contrast, an event in history of which a vast majority of Americans somehow know very little to nothing about (The Kempei, available now at

“The Kempei,” and all it stands for, is perhaps the work by Mr. Baker that most inspired the Web-e-Books team to start our work developing strong and innovative digital publishing solutions for books such as these; the ones that will always matter. Our determination in getting Mr. Baker’s books seen extends to any great work by and great author, past or present. The Web-e-books team has already built an original online solution to digital publishing, where a book can be converted to eBook form and viewed online, over any web browser, erasing the limits imposed by downloadable software, thus taking digital publishing to another level and opening new avenues for readers, and writers alike, to explore.

Please take some time to learn more about our ventures at Web-e-Books by browsing through the posts throughout our Web-e-Talk Insight page. Of note is the team’s building collection of vibrant book cover designs, found on our page labeled Web-e-Books Cover Art. We’ll always be interested in sharing, with you, the vision behind our product, so feel welcome to stop in anytime and see what’s new on the Web-e-Talk Blog, and don’t forget that our official website,, is always just a click away.

Thank you for your interest in Web-e-Books®

~ Tom Preti, Content & Design Director

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